TORTA D’ERBE is a local pie made with a base of very light pastry filled with herbs, green vegetables, leeks and spinach. A delicious snack.

TESTAROLI are the pride of Lunigiana cuisine. You will not find them anywhere else in Italy. They are made from a batter of wheat flour, water and salt which is cooked in large cast iron pans with lids. They form a sort of pancake which is then boiled and cut up into small strips and is usually served with Pesto

PANIGACCI is another specialty of Lunigiana. Like Testaroli they are made of a batter but one which is cooked in red hot clay dishes over an open fire. Panigacci are then served as hot crispy pancakes which you then spread with a soft Stracchino cheese and fill with mixed cold meats such as Parma ham, salami etc. The village of Podenzana is famous throughout Italy as the home of Panigacci.

FOCACETTE are similar to panigacci but made with maize flour and can be sampled at the many local festas and sagras.

FOCACCIA is well known throughout Italy but particularly good in this region. It is leavened bread cooked with olive oil and salt; particularly good when just out of the oven and still warm in the mornings for breakfast. Focaccia can also be found made with onions, olives and sausages.

FRITELLE – Slices of vegetable, fried in a very light batter, as part of an antipasto.

SGABEI Chisel-shaped fried dough, served as part of an Antipasto
The area of Lunigiana is surrounded by well-known vineyards. To the south is Chianti, which produces the most famous wines of Italy; other Tuscan wines worth a try include Vernaccia, Aleatica, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano. The Cinque Terre produce pleasant dessert wines such as Sciacchetra.